Amy Sillman


here are some current notes about stuff I'm doing.





I'm showing a new video at THE DRAWING CENTER, NY curated by Claire Gilmore, Opening JANURAY 20 until MARCH 19, 2017. Opening on Thursday, JANUARY 19 from 6-8pm. There will also be NEW ZINES--the OG #11!

more info at Amy Sillman: After Metamorphoses 


the OG#10, is available at PORTIKUS, Frankfurt am Main!

NOTE on contacting me:

If you would like to contact me please do. But I am usually slow to answer. I don't sell work here. If you want further info about my work,  please contact one of the galleries that I work with:  Sikkema Jenkins Co in NYC, Capitain Petzel in Berlin, Campoli Presti in Paris/London, or Thomas Dane in London.


---IMAGE BELOW from "Unpresidented Times: Amy Sillman"/The Slant,, 1/5/17