Amy Sillman

ed halter - 4Columns, march 2017

roberta smith - the new york times, february 2016

jens hinrichsen - monopol, january 2016

eileen myles - paris review, fall 2015

robert enright - border crossings, august 2015

karen rosenberg - the new york times, july 2014

ed halter - artforum, summer 2014

statements of intent by mark godfrey - artforum, may 2014

matt saunders - artforum, march 2014

film best of 2013 by j. hoberman - artforum, december 2013

sebastian smee - the boston globe, october 2013

ted loos - the new york times, september 2013

third person singular by anne ellegood - catalog essay, July 2013

amy sillman: the elephant in the painting by linda norden - artforum february 2007

fictions of origin by david lichtenstein

claudia schmuckli

david joselit

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